Our Alternative Licensure Program hires real teachers with real experience to guide and train our candidates to success - every step of the way. 

The schools in your community need your skills and experience to increase the number of effective teachers in your area. We prepare our candidates to collaborate effectively at all levels—with other teachers and learning specialists, parents, students, administrators, counselors, and community members—in order to facilitate the success of all students.

What makes ASPIRE different    from other programs?

  • Our Alternative Licensure Instructors (ALIs) facilitate learning by reviewing submitted work and providing one-on-one support to our candidates.
  • The ASPIRE program operates both online and face-to-face. We offer a Fully Online option for those living outside of the Denver metro area.
  • We offer both online learning modules and one-on-one, personalized online coaching.
  • We offer one-on-one Video Coaching.  Candidates receive real-time, 1:1 coaching and mentoring.
  • Candidates belong to a Professional Learning Community (PLC) that supports their continued development as an educator.
  • Candidates have the opportunity to earn graduate credits toward an MA in education through the University of Colorado Denver.

Aspire to Teach®  preparation also includes application of content knowledge, theory, curriculum, assessment, and research as they flexibly and reflectively make decisions that support the success of diverse learners.

Ultimately, our goal is that all candidates—whether elementary teachers, secondary teachers or special educators—will be able to have a significant positive impact in diverse educational school settings and, as teacher leaders, will act with a sense of urgency to support equity in education for all children.

Earn your M.A. in Critical Pedagogy through our new  2-Year Option!

What our Candidates have to say…

I appreciate that ASPIRE offers me the opportunity to get a high quality education while respecting the fact that I am a full-time teacher. Everything we do is applicable to my job and I never feel burdened by "busy work". Kenna, ASPIRE Candidate